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The Hyderabad is all about slow-cooking, known as dum in India, much of which is done in the tandoor.. This brings out amazing flavours and textures, which when combined with the rich, perfumed flavours from the spices create one of the best cuisines in the world and it is the home of korma and biryani. Everything is cooked over charcoal  not just the kebabs, but all Hyderabadi dishes. The food isn't as showy as cuisines found in other parts of India  the biryani, for example, looks quite plain, but the texture and taste is just incredible.


This slow cooking helps to meld flavours together to create something totally unique, but it's the rich, indulgent spices that really set Hyderabadi cuisine apart. Hyderabadi cuisine is very rich, with lots of nuts, cream and ghee, but in the olden days that was fine because people did a lot of physical work, Now it should be regarded as a treat; even though it might look simple, the second you taste it you will realise just how special it is.


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